Chemo & Radiation Over This Week - And Now Lots of Pain

Hi All,

I posted a few weeks ago about the "honeymoon" period. Since then my Mother has finished the 5 weeks of rads (25 treatments) and 5 chemos (carboplatin/taxol). Today was her first day off. Her chest feels tighter than ever, she can barely can ice chips down. She wants to see how it improves in the next 24 hours. I've heard that a second honeymoon period comes before surgery, so now I'm wondering how long this discomfort lasts (typically) after last treatment. She told the nurse of the tightness (during food/drink intake) at yesterday's last chemo and they said it was because of the effects of 5 weeks of radiation, but that it should begin to repair itself in the coming days. Is that your experience? She does not have a feeding tube. Thank you.


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    One month after...
    Doing way better with eating, tho the new ulcer doesn't help.