As I said before I am going for my treatment(Rads) on the 1st of March but I have to
Go and see the chemo Dr on the 27th to see if I need it or not. No other test have
Been done eversince I had been confirmed T20N0M back in early Dec, I know in
Myself that the tumor(mass) on my Tonsil has gone considerbly different (larger)
But without any other test from then to now, do they know if you need it or not
W!ithout doing anything. Only a CT scan when they made my mask last week is the
only test they have done since December.

Fustrated Tonsil Dad,

God bless you all



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    If I understood the time line
    you posted yesterday, this follows from the length of time from first presentation till when they are finally getting around to treating you. I've had a few significant delays, and some delay is unavoidable when dental rehab has to be done before treatment. Having said this, your case is more than what I've seen.

    I could see the tumor in my throat growing as well, impinging on my uvula. It got to where I just about couldn't swallow, was losing weight like crazy. Be of good cheer, btw, when they started my chemo, that started to shrink within a matterof a few days!

    It would seem reasonable to simply mention the fact you have seen tumor growth to the medical oncologist, and ask him at what point an additional evaluation be performed. It won't likely make much difference. Your odds of having developed a distant met in the meantime are low, but it certainly could change chemo doctor's opinion of whether you need chemo induction or not. And it certainly could matter in the design of your IMRT fields.

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    Different MD's
    Well at least in my case...

    My ENT was my lead MD (still is)...he diagnosed me and chose the protocul and MD's for each...

    He chose my chemo/blood MD, my rads MD and my surgeon for the port. My ENT was also the one that took my tonsils out and staged me.

    He did however allow the individual MD's to chose the treatment plans for their specialty.

    For me that was nine weeks (three week cycles) of Cisplatin, Taxotere and 5FU by the chemo/blood MD. Then seven weeks of weejly carboplatin (chemo/blood MD), and 35 daily rads sessions (Rads MD).

    That was all decided pretty much upfront within the first few weeks after the tonsils came out and staged....