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Just been browsing old posts on the Ovarian board regarding the Omentum and weight gain. I had mine removed along with all the other "bits" a year ago. I am NED since April 2011 but have gained a lot of weight and wondered if the lack of Omentum had any effect. I know Tina was knowledgable about weight gain because she responded to me before and I have just been reading so many comments from others all relating to weight gain. I have never dieted in my life but have been doing so recently as I have never been this heavy (I'm not very tall!)It all makes me feel a bit fed up; you have to go through all that treatment and now diet!! Regardless of what I eat however, I feel I'm not in control of the weight gain. I have my 3mth check up tomorow and will ask the Oncologist but they really don't understand. I'm sure she feels, "hey, I made you better so don't complain"...Any more of you out there having weight problems?


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    Yes. I lost my omentum. I
    Yes. I lost my omentum. I gained 50 pounds after chemo - don't know if it was the changes to my digestive tract or the loss of the omentum, and fat forming elsewhere (the body "gets used" to having a certain number of fat cells, and will replace those lost.) I'm much heavier now than before cancer - dropped 30, gained 50. I'm now down about 10-12 from my high point, but still almost 10 pounds higher than my max, despite eating better and exercising more.