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Hi all, I'm very new to all of this. Just posted a blog but I'm not even sure this is the same thing. I have Stage 4 Hodgkins and, I just finished my 2nd round of chemo(ABVD) and had my 2nd neulasta shot, last Thursday and Friday. I am having terrible right shoulder pain and when the pain hits so does the vomiting. Have tried lortab, or tylenol but it only seems to last 2 hours. Was up most of last night. Also took a few hot baths. This round seems to be worse than the first. More pain, nausea, and now hair loss. It hits like a ton of bricks. I also have Angina and I am having a heart cath today. Other problems include type 2 diabetes and kidney problems. So I am a mess but my wife of 45 years and I are doing our best to just keep going. I am 63 years old and worry so much about how to handle all of this. Don't get much sleep. Probably had 2 nights that were good in the last month. Just want to say any input would be grateful, Also my best to anyone and everyone dealing with this terrible illness and all the side effects. Again, sorry if this is a duplicate post.


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    Hi Raye,
    Welcome to the group. If you click on the profile picture of a person responding to your post, it will take you to a site called "about me" page. Once there you can read a biography of that persons cancer journey and learn a little bit more about them. Once you get more familiar with the CSN site you might want to establish your own "about me" page. You can also click on that persons expression page and view pictures they have posted...not everyone does this, but quite a few of us do. I have a different type of cancer than you but no matter what type of chemo regimen we all take for our different sub-type of Lymphona, it's doubt about it! I have Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed in June of 2010 and I'm 61 years old. My chemo was CVP-R which was milder than yours. Right now I am doing the 2 year Rituxan maint plan and will finish up with it in Feb 2013. We have a few folks in the group with the same cancer as yours and have done the ABVD treatment, so hopefully soon you will hear from them. Good luck today with placement of your heart cath, and if you are feeling up to it, please come back and share how things go for you. This is a great group of people who will help immensely with support and guidance and care while you are dealing with this nasty disease. They have have been a God send for me! I'll think good positive thoughts for you and add you in my prayer list. Best wishes...Sue
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    Instead of repeating what Sue has said I will just sat DITTO !!! I know its the fast way of posting but no use in just rehashing. I have the same Lymphoma as Sue except mine is stage 4,which means its in the bone. No matter, it is all treated the same from what I understand. Its not graded like the other organ type cancers. There are always a number of treatments for what we all have here. John (FNHL-4-1A-5/10)