Sad day today

Tonight we had to say good bye to Brian's Aunt. She died from breast cancer. It had been a long battle for her in the past, and had been doing good for years, till the stomach trouble started, and it was to late. It was back and had spread everywhere. It scares him to think that we just had Christmas with her, and now she is gone. It brings your own mortality into the light. He cried alot when we first found out she was gone. It was really nice though how he got up and was the first one to say anything about her at the service tonight. Kindred Spirits. Off to chemo tomorrow. We have had a lot of snow, and the roads are slick. Will make for a long drive. It takes us an hour and 15 min on good roads to get to chemo. On bad ones who knows. Pray for safe travels.


  • JReed
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    Very sorry
    When you are fighting your own cancer battle, you naturally become a kindred spirit with other cancer fighters/survivors. To lose an aunt to cancer who recently celebrated a holiday with you must hurt even more so.

    Prayers and hugs to you and Brian as you ramp up for your own battle. Safe travels in the nasty weather - that always manages to increase the tension.

    May Brian's memories of his aunt soon bring smiles to his face. Another angel in Heaven to watch over us.