Hello All

Just want to say thank you for all the love and support you have given me. It has made my difficult days a little less so.

I have been thinking of you all and wish you only great days ahead.

I also posted a picture of my wonderful Mom, Alice. It's on my expression page.



  • anliperez915
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    Hi Lisha
    Hi Lisha,
    Just wanted to say hi and say that I've been thinking about you! You are in my prayers, please take care and we will be here to listen whenever you need us! Sending you lots of (((HUGS))). The picture of your mom and you is beautiful it brought a lot of memories of my mom and me!

  • allmost60
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    Thinking of you too...
    Hi Lisha,
    Thanks for sharing the nice picture of you and your mom. You can tell Alice was a happy lady and the closeness you shared. I hope you are doing ok and taking care of yourself?!. Keep in touch and let us know how your doing, and remember we are "ALWAYS" here for you. I'll give Lizzy a hug and squeeze for you. I wish you could hold her...she would help your heavy heart. Take care friend.... Love you...Sue
  • vinny59
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    Your Mom has a wonderful smile, you take care Lisha, praying that you.... have great days ahead! Vinny
  • COBRA666
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    Hey Lisha
    Been having a few problems getting on CSN lately. I think its on their end. I sw the pics of your mom and she looked so happy. We are always here for you. Take care. John
  • miss maggie
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    Your Mom
    Hi Lisha,

    I too, saw a picture of your mom. What a beautiful lady. It's so hard and yet such a comfort
    to look at pictures from yesterday of our loved ones from better days.

    When we bought our first computer in 1996, there was no option to post pictures on the internet. A few years later, I did have a file of pictures taken from a camera. Years later,
    after my husband passed away in 2004, the old computer crashed, and I bought the computer I have now. I have no idea how to post a picture of myself or other loved ones. Especially
    my mom, and husband. Yes, some of my friends do have pictures of me on their new camera's
    taken from special occasions through the years when the option was available. If I ever
    think of it, I will ask them to send the pictures VIA internet. I never thought it important
    to post my picture anywhere. I wouldn't mind on this site. Oh well.

    I do have lots of pictures taken through the years from travels and special occasions. But,
    they are in album form.

    Please be strong. You are not alone. Love Maggie
  • jimwins
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    Hi Lisha,

    Loved the picture of you and your mom!
    Sending big warm hugs your way.

    Thinking of you...