Success with Cyberknife and ADT for Recurrent PC

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Wanted to bring some good news to the forum! I listed husband's PSA results for the last 3 months. Has it really been that long? Yes, although we did manage to get in a great ten day vacation to the island of Lanai.

The news is that Tim’s PSA was <0.10 ng/ml three weeks after the Lupron shot. Requested the ultrasensitive assay just to be certain, and the next month it read <0.008 ng/ml (undetectable for the ultrasensitive method). So between the ADT hormones, Cyberknife to the spine, vegetarian diet and exercise, the PC recurrence appears to be under control at this time. No side effects. IHT will continue as and when PSA rises. I was surprised with the short first on ADT period. Considering taking Avodart for maintenance during the off period. Anyone have experience with that? Have appointment next week.

Best wishes to all, Jane

History at:
22/Oct/2011 – Started Casodex
08/Nov/2011 – First Lupron injection
15/Nov/2011 – PSA 0.37
02/Dec/2011 – Cyberknife tumor on sacral spine one dose prescribed 2,000 cGy to the 66% isodose line
08/Dec/2011 – PSA < 0.10
23/Jan/2012 – PSA < 0.008 Ultrasensitive
08/Feb/2012 – Stop Casodex and Lupron after 3 months – PSA dropped so fast
08/Feb/2012 – Xgena injection for bone health


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    Jane and Tim

    These are great news and a hit in the bull’s-eye.
    The cancer got into submission and the radiation has blown the problematic spot. It was like you have “killed two birds with one stone”. Could that be that Tim was experiencing the so called “Oligometastatic cancer”?

    The rapid decrease is excellent and the short period on the drugs will confirm the above once you enter the “vacation” (OFF Drugs) period. I am very happy for your success and hope that you enjoy more of those relaxing moments in the peaceful and compassionate island of Lanai but this time cancer-free.

    Oncologists of the “grade” of Dr. Myers (undoubtful the best in the trade) recommend Avodart or Finasteride for maintenance during the off period for guys on ADT intermittent modality. However, such has produced evident results in patients with the prostate in place. Tim as I recall is a RP survivor (eleven years ago) which may produce different outcomes/results from those drugs, and one should weigh in the benefits visavis the side effects.

    5-ARI drugs is known to “kill” low grade cancers but have no effect on higher grades which in the case of Tim (Gs7) would only cover the grade 3. No one can say that Tim is not yet cancer free. So that starting on Avodart may obscure the reality of the success of his treatment. In my layman's opinion, it is necessary to verify exactly if Tim is cancer free after the end of drugs effectiveness and before any "masking".

    In any case, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) has been related in intratumoral effects on active cancer and these type of drugs (or still other less damaging ones known as Alpha blockers), can avoid the formation of androgens into the more powerful stuff DHT.
    This is all very confusing but the logic is real and now we got still better drugs to hold problematic progressive cancers which are "mutiplying" due to their intratumoral activities. One of the latest drugs is the MDV3100 now on the table of approvals by FDA.

    I would recommend Tim to get tested (lipids, heart health, bone loss, T and DHT, etc.) to certify the drugs effects on his systems.

    I am very excited for the success you have reported. My case is somehow similar to Tim’s and we are of the same age.

    Wishing you the best.