waiting and hoping for good news

Got all my scans and tests done, now waiting for the doc @ u of mi . this period of time is aweful. All the thoughts running through my head. I read the reports and to me I dont see far spread mets. Praying for the best, but always afraid of the worst. thanks for all you do, phil w


  • sangora
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    Your Right
    I am a stage IV and have been getting scans for nearly 2 years now and it never gets any better. In fact for me it is now worse because I have survived long enough that I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop and know it is just around the next corner. So far it has not, thankfully. We will all be praying that you get the best report you can when you see the doctor. Sam Stage IV
  • TerryV
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    We will wait and hope....
    and pray with you, Phil. Sending love, hugs & positive thoughts your way.

    Waiting for results is difficult....

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  • Karrie42
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    Sending good waiting energy your way...
    Hi Phil,

    I'm new at this as well - but so far the wait is the worst part. I just want to know what we are dealing with and can't feel anything until I know!

    Hang in there - and we'll hang in there with you.

    - Karrie