Haven't posted...Tom has another CT in a week and half..then off to FL

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Last chemo round is Wed..then the next Wed CT. He's been down thinking he has bad vibes about this CT. I know the neuroraphy is bringing his spirits down. So maybe FL will help. He's not very communicative and this could be a terrible trip for me. But I've ordered another blue sheltie cross stitch and I'm taking my water colors with me. I'll have things to do and he can sit in the warm while I go off. Since he can't walk well, he said he'd rather stay at the motel. Whatever he wants to do.

I do it all in the house with some help from my son. There are things he sure can do and he doesn't which is upsetting. Can go golfing but nothing at home. Oh well.


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    hard place to be
    So glad you are going to Florida, sad that it is under these circumstances. Maybe you need to sit and ask him why it is so hard to help at home but he can go golfing? Maybe you already have, it seems to me that it is the men who have the worse time accepting this stupid disease, of course, they outnumber the women with it. Is he on any anti depressives? I know one of my friends has Stage 4 lung cancer and she took Ativan when it got upsetting but those scans can scare you. Hoping they turn out good so you can have a reprieve from this disease and enjoy Florida. We were down there this time last year and I am sure you will have good weather and warm sunny days. Maybe that will perk him up. Has he tried to get help for the neuropathy? My thoughts and prayers are with you and hubby.
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    Good to hear from you

    It is good to hear from you, I was wondering how things have been going for Tom. I know all about that pre-scan feeling. It never gets any easier. I hope the results are positive and that helps Tom feel better. It can get frustrating dealing with symptoms on a day to day basis.

    I hope that you have great weather in Florida and you both get a chance to relax and recharge.

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