Our anniversary

I am overwhelmed at how good life is for me today and wanted to share.My husband and I will be celebrating our 50th anniversary with family and friends this afternoon.I feel like not only am I celebrating our anniversary, I'm celebrating life.

In 2007 when I was diagnosed with stage three EC, I truly didn't think this day would come, but God in His mercy allowed it to be.

When I became ill, the meaning of the words "in sickness and in health" became a reality to me. Through the bad and the good my husband refered to it as our battle, and he was so right. It effected him, as well as me. He took excellent care of me. He was my rock. It's not easy being a caregiver and I was not always a "good" patient, But he was always there for me to lean on. I beleive the last four years together, we are even closer than before.

I thank God for him as well as for me, that I am still cancer free. I look forward to each day the Lord allows us the joy of being together,


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    Congratulations on this special day!!! I think all of us who are survivors develop a new appreciation for our loved ones, and the value of each day. May you have a wonderful day today, and may you have many more in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Adams
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    Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!
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    Sandra, congratulations on your 50th anniversary. I can certainly understand how you feel. I could have written those same words about my hubby. I hope you and your hubby get to celebrate many more years together!

  • Proactive Daughter
    Now thats something to brag about!
    Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! I'm glad to hear that your spirits are high and you are feeling well.

    It's nice to hear good news! Thanks for sharing!

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    Congratulations and happy
    Congratulations and happy anniversary. I am so happy for you. And I thank you for your lovely and positive post - I need to read the good stories sometimes.
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    wow Sandra that is great. 50 years is a acomplishment in itself. Hope you enjoyed your celebration.

    That saying in sickness and in health runs through my head daily. I don't think anyone really thinks about it untill they are faced with it. Jarrell also tells everyone we have become closer and he also tells everyone he has come to appreciate me more than he ever has. We are aiming to make it to our 34th anniversary May 27th. That is Jarrelss new goal.

    Again congrats and many more
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    Happy 50th Anniversary!
    Wow! What a beautiful milestone - congratulations! You definately are soulmates. I remember planning and celebrating my parents 50th anniversary - it was a beautiful celebration with lots of family and friends. I still treasure the memories of that party and look at the pictures often.

    I know your family and friends will treasure the memories of celebrating your 50th anniversary also. Again, congratulations - to celebrate 50th anniversaries in this day and age is a BIG DEAL and cause for celebration!

    Have a great anniversary week!

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    You must have married when you were younger than 10!

    You look amazingly young for someone celebrating a 50th anniversary. Your husband as well. You must have both married from the cradle.

    Congratulations on making a beautiful milestone in life! 5 years married is uncommon these days - what a delight to see the two of you make 50 :)

    Love & Hugs,

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    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, what a huge milestone! Keep up the great progress and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!
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    Rick0311 said:

    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, what a huge milestone! Keep up the great progress and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary :) !!!
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    Congrats to you both. We are smiling with you.
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    Sandra, congrats on both accomplishments! God Bless.....