recurrent ovarian cancer

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect. My mom Stage 3C ovarian cancer survivor is now recurrent cancer for the second time. She wants no more Chemo. She is 80 years old I'm not sure if I agree with this decision, but I will respect that it is hers to make. I'm just not sure what will happen here. I know we don't like to put dates on anyones head, but I'm just wondering if this is a year 3 6 months. I would like to hear from anyone who can help.


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    Cancer is supposed to grow
    Cancer is supposed to grow slower in the elderly. No one can give you the answer you are looking for. So much depends on where the cancer is & the general health of the person.

    Your mom is ready to say good bye to this world and you will need to have the conversation about hospice/palliative care with the doctor. I'm sorry that you are going thru this.
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    Hi Catcon.

    I am 74 years old. I was DX Stage IV in jan. 2007. I have had two recurrences. I have told my family and my physicians that I would be very reluctant to go for more tx.

    Of course, I am not there facing that decision. My family pressured me to go for IP/IV in july 2010.

    I am glad they did. It's a hard call.

    Pray for Wisdom.