Very Worried.

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Hi Everyone,
I found out some news today that i'm needing some advice on. I had my TT Jan.10. Found out Papillary Carcinoma Feb. 9th, Found out today that I'm pregnant!? So naturally I am very worried and scared. We've wanted another baby for a long time, but now is not when we were thinking. I'll be calling my doctor first thing in the morning. Just looking for some helpful words in the meantime.
Thanks for listening...


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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don't. RAI can wait, the most important factor right now is the health of you and your baby. Papillary cancer is very slow growing and as long as you have no metastasis, you and the baby should do just fine for the next nine months. Thyroid medication should not have any negative effects to the unborn baby. Wishing you the best!
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    That is great. Many people with thyroid issues have a hard time concieving. What a blessing in the midst of all the current and upcoming stuggles. From my understanding RAI can wait if the cancer hasn't spread. And if it has, talk with your doctor. It is a slow moving/growing cancer so you should be fun.

    Best of luck to you and yours

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    hi alexm,

    i was 2 months pregnat when i was diagnosed for papillary cancer.i was also wooried during my entire pregnancy but my baby and i was healthy when i give birth to her then when my baby was 1 year old i've done total thyroidectomy. your pregnancy is gonna be fine so don't worry.

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    remember that you are going to need a lot more blood checks than a person who has a thyroid has...

    make sure they carefully monitor your thyroid replacement through the pregnancy as well as all your other labs

    make sure your pediatrician and your endocrinologist talk to each other... as well as your primary care doctor... they will all have to be on there game to make it as easy as possible... also nutrition is also very important... good luck and keep us informed
  • AlexM
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    Thank you!
    I should have posted an update sooner and Thank you so much for all of your responses I was so please to hear all the positive feedback because I was worried what I might be told.
    You were all right though! With the doctors blessing and close monitoring I will be able to have a somewhat normal and very healthy pregnancy. I am still very early so like any pregnancy I've been and will be anxious to pass the 12 week mark. But I had a normal pregnancy 4 years ago and think/hope everything will be just fine.
    Thanks again for your continued help on these never ending pop up issues lol.