Can I donate my Grandfather's Sutent?

tmm333 Member Posts: 1
My Grandfather passed away in Oct. of this last year, and I have several months supply of unopened sutent. I hate to throw it out as I know how expensive it can be. I there any way I can donate this medicine, and how would I go about doing so?


  • adobe
    adobe Member Posts: 72
    donating sutent
    Sorry about your grandfather, hope your last memories are good. Keep posting about donating drugs that could be helping another person. Stay in touch.
  • lawmanmike
    lawmanmike Member Posts: 29
    Kidney Cancer Association?
    This might be a good question for the Kidney Cancer Association... they take other types of donations - they should certainly take this. Would be awful to see it go to waste when there is almost certainly someone out there who needs it!