Finally Updating on Surgery

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First I want to say thanks for all the prayers....its so appriciated.
The surgery went well, all the cancer is gone. Yes I know it can come back anytime but for now its gone. It was a kind of a rough time in the hospital. My nurses were awesome but was just in so much pain. Then trying to adjust to the stoma & all that goes along with it. Three days after surgery I developed a bad infection where they sewed up my bottom. So that turned into 2 days of humiliation with having daily showers being sprayed by the nurse (to clean out the wound) then packing the wound with changes every 6 hrs. I don't think some realize what we go thru with this type of cancer. How we loose all modesty, the many drs looking at our butts...we are exposed for all! One day my nurse had to leave early so she asked another to take over. I overheard this nurse say to the effect of 'yea I want a douch up the butt then a tampon!' & 'I don't have time to do someone else's work!'!! Well why did she agree to do it then?! When she came to the room I told her my nt nurse will take care of (she'd done it without complaint the nt before). But she was determined to do it so I made sure she knew how embarrassing this was & how upsetting this whole 'cancer mess' has been.
So anyway got home Mon. & feels so good! My hubby is a great care giver....he does my packing 2 times/day for me (this will continue till wound closes) & can help with my ostomy things if needed. I have a home nurse 1-2 times/wk for a few wks to help adjust. There's so much to learn having an ostomy but so far its not going too bad. Just a huge adjustment having this bag, trying to not be 'paranoid' about leaks, making sure things stay clean & sterile. But it'll all come with time & practice.


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    Welcome home
    God must have sprayed you with some extra angel dust. You have the best attitude. like a mountain climber, you brave it out, goal in mind, and when u get to the top you take in the view and breathe in all that clean air, and it all has been worth it. Soon you will be the old you. What a gift! Just celebrated valentines with my husband who has an ostomy never even noticed it. Married 22 years, never had an acciident during sex.
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    You're Awesome!
    Hi pjs--

    I admire you so very much for your great attitude, considering everything you've been through. I'm sure knowing that your cancer is completely gone is a huge relief for you. No doubt, there are many adjustments in your life right now, but from the comments you've made, it sounds like things are going quite well. I am so happy for you! BTW, I would have reported that nurse's comments to her supervisor. I'm glad you said something to her about the things she said. I don't think some people get how humiliating this disease is and how such comments really sting. It sounds like you are in good hands now with your husband caring for you. I hope you will continue on the road to recovery with no detours and will soon be getting on with a normal life again. May God bless you and your husband. I wish you all the best and will look forward to another update when you can! Take care. Hugs!
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    I admire you . . .
    not only for sharing your infectious positive attitude with us, but for talking candidly about your ostomy. We do lose all modesty with anal cancer treatment. I think I embarrass the fellows/students practicing under my surg onc every time I go in for an exam because at this point I'm not afraid to just bare it all at the drop of a hat. They kinda squint when they look at me and I know they're thinking, "Whoa! Um, okay, you can cover that thing up now." :)

    Keep us posted as you move onward and upward. You are an inspiration to us as all.

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    your attitude is a healing gift to us
    congrats to you!!! yea to no cancer for sure. thankyou for being so candid and telling us the entire story. it helps me so much. that stupid nurse needs to be fired. NO ONE can even begin to understand the torture mentally and physically that we endure except all of us. a male dentist here in town had hemmorhoid surgery and he told my husband that he had never hurt so much in his life. he just stopped eating in order to not have a BM. and the doc told him not to work for 2 weeks and just heal. he is now a fellow booty buddy. we all understand this issue. i hope you heal quickly. sorry you got an infection- seems to be the norm in hospitals. modesty is not an issue anymore. i was so modest in the beginning that i would not go get a 2nd opinion--big mistake because mine could have been caught a year earlier (protologist misdiagnosed). love and hugs to you. sephie
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    Options went through went through alot. I have had a couple surgeries now, but they sound like a piece of cake compared to yours. Yes, anal cancer is far from a dignified cancer. I felt the same way after baring the buns to a few doctors, then it was like OK who wants a peek today??

    I was just recently told I am NED also, after a couple years of not to your part it is for NOW...and we need to just live that way every day! Live like life is short and pray to God that it isn't!!!

    I know you have quite a bit of healing ahead of you, but you will heal, and luckily you have a great partner to get you through this...and of course all the great friends here!!!