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My sister is mentally challenged and has schizophrenia as well. She takes a medication called Zyprexa. She had been under my mother's care for most of her life but she has recently become independent of my mother (thank goodness). The patent on Zyprexa recently expired so her psychiatrist is unable to give her free samples like he used to. Prescriptions here in NJ run $800-1000 per month given she has no healthcare. We are looking to source her meds from Canada. I recently purchased some FloVent for my cat's asthma from a Canadian pharmacy and the cost of 6 month supply was $180 compared to one month supply here for $150. So I am hoping to realize similar cost savings on her meds as well.

But I am more leery (or course) of meds purchased across border for my sister as opposed to my cat. Does anyone have any dealings with reputable Canadian pharmacies that ship to United States?

Thanks in advance!!


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    cost cutting
    Some countries offer generic 10 mg olanzapine for about 10-15 cents per tablet. India and probably China come to mind. I would expect most of Asia to have some kind of generic deal. Our limited experience with asian generics has been favorable.

    As for legit Canadian pharmacies, I would not worry too much. They are probably more worried about the unpleasantnesses south of their border.
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    Dear Amy
    The following is a site which indicates that since the patent has expired that a generic form of this medication is now availabie.

    You might want to check with your pharmacy to see what they know about it. Usually generic is much less expensive.

    You might also check with the manufacturer of the non-generic brand to see if they have any program for cost assistance.

    Marie who loves kitties