Even when it isn't OVCA it still hurts when a friend is dying from cancer.

Hi Ladies.

I have a friend who the end of January 2011 was believed to have ovarian cancer. Once they began her surgery last January, they realized they were not dealing with ovarian cancer, but rather a very rare type of I believe stomach cancer. It's extremely rare in the U.S., yet one of the top cancers seen in Japan. Really strange

Anyway, she went in the hospital for more surgery 2 weeks ago. They weren't even sure she would survive the surgery. Dr. now says he can keep her alive and comfortable for a few more weeks,possibly as long as two months.

She underwent six extremely difficult rounds of chemo. She would enter the hospital on a Wed. (every 3 weeks) and take chemo there. Then she would be released on Thursday with a pump in which she received chemo 24/7 until the following Tuesday.

She actually did have some quality time though, making trips to FL and NY over the past few months.

She had 2 colon tests (I have no idea how to spell the word) :) There was so much blockage they couldn't perform it. The dr. did a petscan just before Christmas. It came back clean.

They opted for the surgery, hoping to find only scar tissues since the petscan was clean. However, when they got in there the cancer had spread "like crazy." I was told it was wrapped around her stomach completely.

For several yrs. Emily and I were just acquaintances. Through our cancer diagnosis (3 months apart) we became friends.

She is in her mid 50's. Has two unmarried sons in their 20's. Her husband is a minister. I'm just so sad about this situation.


Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post.



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    I failed to add that she
    I failed to add that she will most likely be sent home tomorrow, with Hospice.
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    I failed to add that she
    I failed to add that she will most likely be sent home tomorrow, with Hospice.

    I feel so sad too, Carla
    I feel so sad about your friend's situation too. In one short year, she's been through so much - I've had it easy compared to her. Please know that I'm sending her and her family my prayers and good thoughts. Hospice will make sure she's comfortable at home, surrounded by the people that mean most to her. Sending you good thoughts too, Carla, as I'm sure this is very hard for you, as Emily's friend and fellow warrior.

    Take care,
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    Sometimes, I do not think it
    Sometimes, I do not think it matters how close we are to someone. When we hear that someone else lost the fight to cancer in general, a bell of saddness rings in our hearts. Each loss hurts.....