watchful waiting

his name is aaiden he tried to enter in this world on the fourth of july but instead held on 3wks only to be 3wks early after a very difficult pregnancy with different surgeries for kidney issues but he is 2 1/2 now and has been experiencing my different ills with no diagnosis in september a biopsy revealed he had interstitual palisading granuloma that were removed in oct and all nodules were binine since then he has been sleeping 15 plus hours has night sweats a cough that lingers that has been treated for pnenomonia complaints of belly pain daily and has had a bizarre swollen foot and groin area as if he had some cellulitus he has lymph nodes swollen in groin area he runs a low grade temp daily 100.2- 100.7 his color varies some days gray others yellow he has been hospitalized for a severe abdomial pain in nov with no real explanation they ran extensive labs with no signs of cancer not to mention he has had mrsa twice and every viral infection he has come in contact of we have seen his peditrician often and two oncolgist one of which he has seen monthly this will be his third visit he has lost a lil weight but has been resilliant despite all of this many see hes little dimples and that is it i am here with my story cause although he has a good dr over seeing him should i be doing more ordo i trust these drs to say he is just having childhood ills a lingering viral effect or do i continue to listen to my gut i have search many of nights ask lots of questions n end up with nothing except if it was cancer it would be here i hope for some insight the people hear are amazing and r true heros in my eyes they r fighters n survivors pls anyone