had a tonsillectomy to test my tonsils since right tonsil was swollen and swollen right lymph node..

nothing to be concerned of (he also checked my nasal) except white little bumps or pus on my lymph node? what does this mean? he said he put in tests that i wont get till next week or 2....so i'm worried out of my mind what it is. hoping it's nothing but an infection and nothing cancerous....anybody had anything similar? it was basically a lump on my right lymph node...swollen right tonsil...did a tonsillectomy for testings....doc found white bumps and pus on my lymph node. thanks in advanced!


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    the most common pathology report
    when a tonsil is full of pus, is infection, not cancer. Don't let your mind lead you there. Just wait out the pathology report. Might be a good weekend to go to a movie, or something.