WHOO HOO, Cat scan

Hi Everyone,

I am so relieved that I was at the Oncologist today and I am good for another 6 month.
So that is news to be at least able to get that off my mind for another 6 month.
It is such a relieve that I am still good.
The worry with me is I have so many other problems. So at least that is good.
I would like to thank you all so much for you're sweet thoughts and prayers.
Maggie you are such a sweetie. I thank you so much for thinking of me and answering my posts all the time. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way too.
Much love to all of you. Hilde


  • allmost60
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    WHOO HOO indeed!!!
    Thats just super good news Hilde! Now if you can get the diverticulitis to heal up, maybe the next 6 months will be peaceful and happy months for you. I'll definetely keep positive happy thoughts and prayers coming your way! Thanks for sharing your good news with us.
    Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)
  • jimwins
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    Congrats on the good news, Hilde ♥.
    I'm sorry you're having the other issues and I wish
    you success with those as well. I'm very thankful
    you got positive results and sending warm wishes your way.


  • miss maggie
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    Happy News
    Dear Hilde,

    I just got up this morning and read your post. What wonderful news to wake up to.

    Hilde, you are not alone in your struggle with other health issues. You would think
    having Lymphoma would be enough. It is not to be. Since my DX I have had issues with
    my right hip caused by having a BMB.. Each and everyday, around the house, or going
    out. I walk so much slower now. Where once I would fly down the street when walking.
    Getting in and out of a car is also a struggle.

    I am not complaining. I just have to accept as other say, "my new normal". What I do
    know, having stomach issues is rough. Watching everything you eat is not easy. You are
    such a strong lady and neve complain.

    Enjoy your happiness with your 6 month reprieve. Please know also, despite my issues,
    I enjoy my life so much. I do lots of things.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are also such a sweetie.

    Positive thoughts and prayers your way. Enjoy your weekend. Love Maggie
  • merrywinner
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    So happy to hear the good news Hilde. I hope the others problems can get under control soon. I will send along extra prayers. Mary
  • anliperez915
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    Thank God Hilde
    Thank God Hilde that your good for another 6 months, one less thing to worry about right!!! I hope that your other health problems get resolved as well and you can have some piece of mind for a while. Take care of yourself and sending you positive thoughts.

  • forme
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    Wonderful news
    Hi Hilde

    This is wonderful news. I am always so happy to read such great news. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

    Peaceful healing