My little farewell

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Had my checkup again today. All good two years out. In the beginning I didn't think I would be on here saying that. Really makes me realise you just have to live. Simple. Yes I know we have side effects. Just channel that to believing that's how it's always been. Reason why I say that is cause the doc said how's your saliva. I said okay. And he noticed I was slightly struggling. This made me realise I had got used to it. Just like I have also some how accepted eating with no back teeth (I'm getting my falsies on Thursday, little bit happy with that after two years) Its about adjusting. And yes I totally 100percent agree it is a scary road we have travelled. We feel sad and sorry for ourselves, and that is perfectly acceptable. I can't taste chocolate. So what. I have slight deafness. So what. I have little saliva. So what. I have tinnitus. So what. People struggle with these things just as a part of life.
If I was to be of support for anyone I would say.
You are about to really see your life differently. You will feel like a victim of something beyond your control. But. You will be on here 2 years later wondering why you are feeling back in control, confident, accepting of your defects and not feeling for your lump that was once there and the word cancer doesn't hold the same value as it did.
I love you all so very much for your fantastic knowledge. Your support. And your respect for survival. I need to get out there and push forward to a place where this really is a thing of the past.
I am bidding farewell to you all and to all the newly diagnosed. Cause they are arriving daily (damn hpv). There are no caertaintys in life. So just live it. Dry mouth and all.

My best love and thought to you all xxxxxxx Jen