Question regarding my Dad- need advice

Hi everyone,

Dad had surgery a few weeks ago. Recovery has been going pretty good. The past couple days he has had increasing pain and a low fever. Mom took him to the doctor yesterday,and they gave him an antibiotic at the local doctor whom I don't really trust. They did a chest xray, and said there's some pockets of air in his lungs that have collapsed. They said due to either the surgery, infection, or who knows! They told him to use that breathing thing (don't know the proper name) that he got in the hospital where you blow into it more often.

What do you guys think? I am not sure it isn't something more serious.


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    I think you should talk to someone in his surgeon's office

    I think if it were me I would like to at least talk to someone in his surgeon's office and get them to look at the xrays and decide if a course of antibiotics and use of the Spirometer was all that was required. Increasing pain and a low grade fever could be the result of a number of things and I would want the surgeon to decide if he should see him again.

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    I Agree
    Hi Jen
    I totally agree with Paul. Call your dad's surgeon and explain what has been going on. Let him know what the chest xrays showed. Keep up the good work, you are a wonderful daughter and caregiver to your dad. Just like I was. Keep in touch.
    Tina in Va
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    I agree with Paul, he needs
    I agree with Paul, he needs to see his surgeon. After the kind of surgery he had, I would want the opinion of the surgeon or a lung specialist.
    Praying all will be ok.