Last Maintenance Treatment Feb. 8

It has been 2 1/2 years since my R-Chop began and then 2 years of Rituxan treatments. Yesterday was my last treatment at the Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. It is a wonderful place. Cheers went up when I rang the bell marking the end. Now lab tests and Dr. visit every three months and yearly CT scans. I am in remission and hopes it will last for years. But I know there is no cure, it is just a battle to keep the follicular lymphoma at bay. The doctors are very pleased with my progress and feel I can add 2 years to my remission above the normal. But normal is different for each person. I feel great. Joined the YMCA so I can imporve my 5K time from last October.


  • allmost60
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    Hi rclaxb,
    Thats great news and I'm so happy for you! Tuesday marks the start of my second year of Rituxan maint, so I've got another year to hoo!...ha! Actually, if the next year goes as good as it has so far, then you will hear no complaints from me. My energy level is still not up to par, but it's "good enough" and totally do-able. Hopefully when warmer weather comes I can incorporate more outside activities to bolster my energy. Winter has a tendency to slow me down with the cold snowy weather, so I probably just need to get more activity going in my daily schedule. Enjoy your new found freedom and keep up the good exercise program you've got going. Looks like 2012 is off to a 'Great" start for you.
    Best wishes...Sue
    (Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010) age 61 and stable!