Hi all:

My friend Debbie's travel buddy that was diagnosed with breast cancer this week as stage 3 saw the oncologist yesterday and he feels that it's stage 2 instead of stage 3 so that was some good news. She starts her chemo on Tues. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. My friend Debbie thanked me for being so concerned for her. I told her I think I need to go into some sort of I guess you'd call it counseling or whatever, like maybe a hot line I could call it "Dial a Basketcase"!

Jan (Basketcase)


  • Skiffin16
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    1-800 ASK-JANT
    LOL,....great news on your friend Jan...

  • Hondo
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    Hi Jan

    I am with John there I like the new 1-800- ASK-JANT number.

    I been working with a friend who’s wife has the same type of cancer as I did. She like me had treatment but it came back again and this time she is refusing any more treatment.

    Please keep my friend Kevin and his wife also in prayer
    Tim Hondo