OT - "Slow Down; Move Over - It's the LAW"

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Our Highway Patrol this month has a program going on TV and other places to remind people that when you see flashing red, blue or amber lights on a road(side) to remember to slow down and get in the other lane if possible. When these lights are flashing, there are people there doing their job, be they law enforcement officers, EMT or the tow truck drivers. All want to do their job and go home to family safe.

Hubby is a tow driver and I have gone on some tows with him. Most are really great but there are others that show no concern at all. They aren't there to 'inconvience' you by you needing to slow down and move over if possible - they are there to do their job SAFELY. Some day you might be the one who needs them.

When you se flashing lights - remember to respect.



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    I completely agree with you.
    I completely agree with you. Slow it down and pay attention.
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    After my accident during 'rush' hour on the SoCal freeways...
    Which disabled my car in the fast lane....

    Many people, as they drove past, shouted obscene words at me...like I could do anything...

    The tow driver that risked his truck to get to me said..."You know, there are times that I call for a traffic block just because I don't feel that it is safe for me or the driver to try to allow traffic to continue while I hook up. And sometimes, because of this, I do it also just to irritate the drivers, and hopefully teach them to slow DOWN around an accident!"

    Knuffels (dutch hugs), Kathi
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    I totally understand...my
    I totally understand...my hubby works for cablevision...though not emergency he is out there with fire/ ambulance / tow trucks etc when someone hits a pole...

    I leave early every place I GO JUST IN case...something happens *bus, cement truck ,accident etc.

    I AM never late and not stressed getting places...for my safety and others..


    NYS now has same thing
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    I have not seen in awhile
    I have not seen in awhile but in NYS there used to be signs for road construction workers....slow down we are moms, dad, etc...keep us safe...

    i think hit home