Is Prostate Cancer a cause from deteriorating Environment or Diet? The Daily Mail got a logic respon

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You may be surprised but a mummy dated 2200 years old was found with prostate cancer. Surely the environment and diet from those times would be different than those at present.
“...Genetics, not the environment” may be the cause.

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Here is the article;

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    Kinda interesting...some thoughts
    A small incidence of PC was found, only two, that showed that PC existed, and did not show if it was enviromental or genetic. As technology improves, we may be able to tell the difference.

    If the PC was environmental, there may be some foods or other environmental issues that were missing from the diets, since transportation was too slow for the varied diets that we enjoy, or since these men were more privleged than the rest of the population at that time, there may be similarities in food intake to today's population.
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    Interesting, but a few observations
    It doesn't explain the huge disparity between cancer rates in populations that have low meat and dairy content compared to Western nations.

    I would think that the average lifespan in those ancient times is much less than today and most men died before they reached the age where prostate cancer developed.