Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD

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Just had some new bloodwork at the Nephrologist and my GFR improved from 42 to 44 which leaves me in Stage 3 CKD. The Nephrologist however believes that this classification is outdated in that 50% of us as we approch age 70 have Stage 3 CKD (GFR 31-59) without Kidney Cancer issues. He is confident that even with my age (69 this year) that I will outlive my Kidney and that over the years my GFR will still go down naturally from age alone. The main way to keep those GFR numbers up: keep your blood pressure down. I am trying.

One further point is that neither my GP or Urologist wanted to refer me to a Nephrologist and I self referred . While they are preoccupied with monitoring Kidney Cancer we each have to be proactive and have our Kidney function moditored as well. Otherwise I wont be able to help the newcomers.

PS The title (CKD) is worse than the bite.