has anyone experienced blister like sores?

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Has anyone that has recieved chemo/radiation experienced blister like sores on there body. Jarrell woke up this am with sores on his tummy low down. They kinda of look like chicken pox. He says they do not hurt or itch, they are red around them. He had hydration today and the nurse practioner looked at them then went and got a new doctor we have never seen before. She had no idea and brushed it off saying just put some cream on them so they do not get infected. So sick of the brush off on everything lately. It feels like they really do not want to deal with us.

I appreciate any advice on this experience


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    Tummy sores
    Ida, I did not get these when I was doing the radiation program, but the radiologist told me this may happen and that it was normal if it did happen. While getting my radiation, there were folks there that did and they talked about using Neosporin because it helps keep down infection. Sometimes, I am told they can get tender and itchy. Also, they tend to clear quickly when radiation is complete. Sam Stage IV
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    Yes, my mom is plagued by
    Yes, my mom is plagued by them. She got several under her armpits. We immediately thought cancer spread. The PA said to use hot towels. They went away. Then one on the pubic area that busted open and doc said it was infected. Put her on antibiotics. Then another on the breast at the nipple area. We can't seem to stop them. They are like boils. They are very hard, then after two days they flatten. Very red.