cea 17 up 1 in two weeks and i am full of lead and mercury, functional liver test, genetics testing,

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Just a quick update.

i sent off some spit in the mail. it cost me a $1000 genetic test, to see what they recommended about tailoring supplement/diet/lifestyle to my genetics and the expression of those genes in the context of defeating the crc. looking forward to the results and the program to get me through it. i have spent to much on supplements and i almost bounced a few important things like the rent and mortgage. i have to slow down on spending on the doctors and supplements. but my gut says now is the time, to fight this battle, not next month.

got my stool test result, positive for a serious parasite that has to be eliminated, literally ha!ha! using a product called gutbug. this will take a few months all up. been into it for 2 weeks so far.

got my hair analysis back from germany, very very high lead and high mercury found today so starting immediately heavy metals chelating detox. maybe it was from all the old properties i renovated.

i also did a functional liver test, which means i am adding some cafferiene and other goodies like alpha lipoic acid into my iv vit c drip. my liver is reasonable, but its struggling on the phase 1 detox pathway. i should have some overlap synergy here with the genetic test.

and finally i got my cea back. its 17. that about the same score as a 7th january, so its not a fall but its not a rise.

still no sign of a tumour on the pet, ultrasound and ct done within the last few weeks.

maybe the alternative therapies are holding the beast at bay. I got some 24 hour urine and bloods back. most aspects i my blood and general physiology are really good. my integrative gp was upbeat.

I am starting on something secret for 4 weeks while my intergrative gp is away,

that i will get into trouble for mentioning here, so if you don't get any more posts, then at least the crc did not get me.