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I know it is hard to want to exercise durring treatment. I got a bit more vigilant after I finished radiation.
Here is an idea that may be of help. I am doing senior energize classes. Between two local churces in my area I can go 5 days a week and only pay $1 per session. I began with senior energize (though I am not yet a senior) because I thought it might be gentler on the body than what I might get at the YMCA or other sports clubs. I have to admit I am not sure how this would work for those who have had a masectomy. I had a lumpectomy and it has been ok for me.
I am not sure if I will loose any weight but at least I will rebuild my body after the ravages of cancer.


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    Love the idea - important to look beyond just gyms and YMCA
    I agree that it's a great idea to be creative and look beyond gyms for affordable, gentle exercise classes.

    Another idea is Jewish community centers -- our local JCC has loads of exercise classes for all ages, and I've found them to be more low-key and approachable than gym classes (read: no Hardbodies in Spandex).

    My girlfriend and I took a yoga class at a JCC for awhile -- we're not Jewish, but they were very clear that their services are open to all, and everyone couldn't have been more welcoming.

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    Our Community Learning (an
    Our Community Learning (an Affiliate of Black Hills Special Services Cooperative) has several different Yoga classes and T'ai Chi and other that deal with a lot of things to do with "Body & Mind". Many other classes too (I want to take "Natural Aspects of Lakota History & Culture" and "Intro to Lakota Culture & Language" but they run at the same time so have to decide which.) The classes aren't as cheap as yours at $1 a class but aren't terribly pricey either. Everywhere we've lived has had similar sort of Community Learning classes but all call them the same.

    Personally I will not do exercise classes - too much like school PE and I hated it - to much 'one size fits all' idea and designed for those not fit. Also too much like PT (Physical Training in Boot Camp) and when I got out I swore I'd never do a class (or run) again and I haven't. I do work-out on the achines at the Base gym several times a week, walk my Corgi when weather permits and spring/summer/fall ride my bike a couple times a week and usually work at least 2 of the horses 6 days a week- so I get exercise.

    Something else that might be something for some to look into is riding. Be it getting back into riding after years away or starting from scratch. Most areas today have Therapeutic Riding Stables which would work for anyone. Different ones are set up differently so would have to check with the local one(s). If I remember correctly the local one (for a while they were at the barn I boarded at) what, if anything, you paid was based on income and if you also volunteered. They had suitable horses for everyone from those who had to be. A leader and 2 out walkers, up to those who were capable of 'free' riding and everything in between. It was amazing to see how far some progressed after years of past just by what they got from the horses. If anone is interested I'll find the National number so you can check it in your area.

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    Water aerobics or swimming. Both are low impact and at the local pool here, its 2.00 for aerobics and 1.00 for open swim.
    If you have neuropathy, the water takes the pressure off your feet and its been helping me a lot with it.
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    Believe it or not...
    Jane Fonda (YES!) has a new old fart exercise vid out now. I saw a clip and I might even get it. She has had both a hip and knee replaced so I might actually be able to do it.
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    tufi000 said:

    Believe it or not...
    Jane Fonda (YES!) has a new old fart exercise vid out now. I saw a clip and I might even get it. She has had both a hip and knee replaced so I might actually be able to do it.

    I go to the gym and it has
    I go to the gym and it has been so helpful I am definately in less pain and am starting to see my body change. it aslo is helping my stamina. its been since november and I am finally seeing it work. Traci how did your walking group at work go? Oh yes i am also using the ball to do sit ups and such and it is so much easier on my joints and not having to get on the floor.