Please help get to chat room

Persei Member Posts: 1
I registered, did the email confirmation, filled out the about me etc. every time i click on the chat it comes up just long enough that i think the red lettering says im not registered then goes back to the same page i was on. It says im signed in on the website i desperate to talk to someone...


  • Tina Blondek
    Tina Blondek Member Posts: 1,500 Member
    Hello and welcome to our caregivers board. The chat section does have a lot of problems a lot of the time. Does your computer show it as Java? Some computers do not have this. Java is who the chat room comes up with. Hope this helps and just keep trying. If you do need to chat I am here for you.
    Tina in Va
  • soccerfreaks
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    Tina is correct regarding the need to have an updated version of Java on your computer. The latest version (last I checked) is 1.6.0_27. You can get this by going to on the internet and requesting the download of Java. This is free.

    When asked if you want to save it or to run it, select Run (or Install, I forget which it is), and let it do its thing. Once it is installed, if you are already in CSN, exit and return, and then try to get into the chat room.

    What should happen is that another window appears, and eventually you see a 'wheel' spinning, showing the Java logo. When Java and the room have loaded, you will see the room.

    If this does NOT happen, please email or the webadmin for this site with information about your computer setup and what DOES show up when you try to get in.

    Good luck, and welcome to the site!

    Take care,