Second Stent Placed for leak

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Went in for scope 1/25 thinking I would be in and out. Well first stent placed had fallen and was in my stomach...drain tube creating a hole and curled. Second stent placed and drain pulled way back. I have never been in so much pain they could get me stable for over and hour after the placement. My wife said my heart rate was so high she thought I was going to leave her. My 16 year old daughter was with and I guess she would hold my hand and I would calm down. I even promised to let her get a dog! The good news is I don't have the long tube and bulb haning from me any longer and they had me drink grape juice and it did not leak. Going in on Feb 3rd to check again to see if the leak has truly been stopped. I have not been able to drink or eat since 12/9/11. I curently tube feed 14+ hours a day and really hope and pray this time they will give me the go ahead.


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    Hoping the leak is history

    Wow!!! That certainly sounds like a very difficult experience!!! I hope the second stent is the last one they have to place. Is the plan to look on Feb 3rd and if the leak has been healed to remove the second stent at that time?

    I know I hated being tied to the feeding tube for 12 hours a day after my surgery so I understand your frustration. Hope things improve soon.

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    feeding tube
    i also hated that thing. it hurt all the time and got in the way. well i dont have to tell you as you know all about it. you have gone through a rough patch here and i wanted to say that i had an esophagectomy april 7, 2011 and i am doing great now. there is life after the tube. you do have to sleep with your head raised and eat smaller meals but you will get used to it.
    i wish you the best!