Pregnant 3 months after husband's chemo

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My husband (32 years old) was diagnosed with AML on April 2011 and finished his last (5 total) chemo round at the end of September 2011. He finally is is complete molecular remission. However, my concern is that I got pregnant only 3 months after his last chemo (late December). I don't know what to do or how safe this is. Should I continue with the pregnancy or what is the risk of the baby having problems?


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    Have you spoken to his
    Have you spoken to his doctors? I think that would be my 1st stop; then look for an oncology GYN; they should know. Good luck
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    Also Pregnant 3wks after Chemo Ended
    Hi! I'm Kelly , an APL survivor. Diagnosed on my 21st Bday July 26 2011, I had just given birth to a healthy baby boy 3 wks prior. I did my 30 day hospital stay and 2 rounds of Arsenic, which ended Dec 5. January 2012 I was pregnant. After the Dr.'s assured my husband and I that we would never be able to concieve again. So far everything is fine, and we have paused my maintaince therapy and will continue after the baby is born in September!... I believe in the power of God and I appreciate all of his many miracles!.. You and the baby will be just fine! ... Keep the Faith!