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My husband was diagnosed with GBM STAGE 4 on Nov.1st, 2011. he was told 12-14 months prognosis.
He had surgery on Nov. 7th. The surgeon went an inch into his brain and removed 90-100% of tumor.
The tumor had affected his left side. They call it "left neglect". He has trouble seeing things to his left. His left hand had trouble grasping and really weak. He was having trouble picking up the left leg.

HE STARTED SPEECH, PT AND OT immediately after surgery.

We waited about 3 weeks to start Chemo and radiation. (the incison had to heal). The chemo was pill form Temodar.
He had 6 weeks radiation and 42 days chemo (combined)
He was very fortunate, and we are thankful, he had few side effects, being tired and a little redness on forehead.
He finished both around Jan 8th, 2012.

My husband age 61, is in pretty good shape. He works hard to improve. He exercises every day as much as he can,even if it is a few minutes. He has gained most of his motion with his left as far as grasping, etc. He only uses a cane occasionally, his left neglect is much better, has trouble still seeing things on left but can read much better and he focuses on looking to the left to re-train his brain.
Overall at this time he is amazing. We hope in more time he will improve more.

At this point it is Jan 26th, 2012 and we go to the Oncologist on Feb 10th, for an MRI. Our hope is the tumor shrunk or stays the same.
We don't know what our next step will be..
If any one has anything they can contribute, what helped them etc, it would be most appreciated.
Any advise would be appreciated.

We are staying optimistic...We feel that is a major part fighting this battle.... You have to believe... The mind is amazing what it can do..
It is a hard journey but we are going to beat it.

I appreiciate the chat and if you would like to email us please do [email protected]

we area also on www.caringbridge/visit/jessenowak/.com