Hi everybody,
Just wanted to update you guys on what my Onc said. I went to see him today and will start treatment next Thursday it will be Rituxan once a week for 4 weeks and rest for 6 months and then do it again. Well that's the plan, hope and praying to God that everything goes well.



  • po18guy
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    Here's praying for you, kid!
    It is good once one knows the actual plan. It really helps to settle things down just a bit. Consider looking at it this way: given the diagnosis you received, you have done fine, you are doing fine, and you will do fine. With other treatments in the pipeline, each day brings the promise of more hope. Prayers ascending on your behalf.
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    Hi Liz,
    Well kiddo, you have a bunch of folks here doing the same routine, so you will never be alone through this. I have another year to go with my Rituxan, so you can count on me to be here every step of the way for you. I get mine every other month instead of the way you will get yours. John has the same schedule you have. Your first infusion will be done slowly and you will be watched carefully by the chemo staff. My very first dose of Rituxan came with my chemo cocktail and I did have a slight re-action. My throat felt tight for a few seconds, but the chemo nurse stopped the infusion for about 1/2 hour and then restarted it and I was fine from there on. I've never had any problems with getting it since that first time. The pre-meds you get before the infusion will make you sleepy and if your like me, you will sleep through it. I'm usually a little sleepy when I get home afterwards, but not so much that I can't do things. If you have any questions honey, just ask away. You will do fine and with your great attitude all will be good. Thanks for up-dating us. Much love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    Dear Liz,

    You sound so much better. I can almost see your smile. Is this the second oncologist that
    your primary doctor sent you to??

    I too, had treatment once weekly for 4 weeks in Dec 2009. I have had no further treatment
    as of today. Hopefully, you will have no side effects. It seems most of us do fairly well
    on this treatment. Perhaps alittle tired.

    Liz, please let us know how things are going for you, especially next Thursday.

    Bless you always. Love Maggie
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    Thank you
    Thank you, Po, Sue and Miss Maggie! I'm very happy that finally I'm gonna get rid of this cancer! I'll keep you updated and if I have any doubts I know where to go with my ???.

    Miss Maggie, yep this is the second Oncologist that my primary doc sent me to. And I know you can see my huge smile from ear to ear :)

    Love you ladies, take care of yourselves!!!