Question for Beckymarie

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Beckymarie: Can you tell me how many cycles your husband had with the Temodar before it failed? Then, after that, he was put on Avastin alone, right? You had said that he tolerated the Avastin well, but eventually, the treatment failed. How many quality months did it give him?


  • alutiiqmom
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    Hi Connsteele:
    My daughter has been on Avastin and Irinetecan since May 2011. She has infusions 2x a month. For the 2nd infusion, when we go home we have to give her 300 mg. of Temodar for five days. The Temodar was 400 mg. but it made her too sick. So, our daughter has been on this regime for 8 months. It is scheduled for 12 months. During Oct., Nov and Dec. we only gave her 200 mg. of Temodar so give her a break and that really helped her. Her MRI's are stable, but they are watching two spots. Thank God, the spots have not changed. We pray every night. I claim new health on her everyday. I am forever grateful that God is helping us. I send you God's blessings.