Mate Tea ?

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Hi Folks,

I just stumbled over this and found it interesting.
I don't know if it's new info to anybody else but it was for me:

Seems like I'might be drinking Mate instead of Malts in the future :(



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    which is a direct response te earlier article on mate and CRC

    (Just read this one on tea in general and mate toward the end):

    How much one would have to drink to either prevent or cause cancer doesn't seem mentioned...
    Cocoa is also said to be of benefit too:
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    Mate Tea
    I've not tried Mate Tea but have thought about it. I'm one who believes if there is a successful alternative treatment the AMA, FDA and drug companies will do anything in their power to discredit the treatment. The fact is chemotherapy also can cause cancer. This is in addition to destroying one's immune system and other normal cells of the body. If you have to take chemo long enough it will eventually kill you if the cancer doesn't first. I took 9 treatments of Oxaliplatin in 2011. If I'd known then what I know now I would have declined that horrible drug. At a list price of $10,000 a treatment, one can see why this drug is being pushed. The truth is chemo has never cured anyone. One can only hope for a long term remission. My opinion isn't held by everyone but no one has ever made a good case to change my mind. Big money talks and people are unfortunately desperate.