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I have a question do you know if you can get any reactions from your husband that has been on chemo for 2 years.


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    do you mean
    do we as caregivers have a reaction? I don't think I have. I wonder. My husband has been on chemo 3 years. I am sort of glad to hear of someone that has gone through the chemo thing as long as my love one. I was wondering if anyone else has done that. Since my husband has been on it we have had 2 breaks- each for one month. Other than that it has been constant treatments. He has stage iv breast cancer, mets to all the bones including spine and skull, adrenal gland, slow growing in lungs...treated with radiation and chemo. Still hanging in there, but has severe neurothapy, on walker---43 years old. Side effects from chemo-horrible.
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    This was discussed in the
    This was discussed in the colon cancer boards about a year ago. A website was given and research provided from a medical website (can't find it now). There was a concer with chemo transfer from the first day of the infusion to 48 hours after the last infusion. This means if you took the fanny pac home 48 hours after it was unhooked. The recommendation was to be careful around the patients bodily fluids (heavy sweating, urine, etc), but no one has had a reaction that I know of other than those who are recieivng treatment. If I were you I would call his oncologist and discuss this with hom/her. It can't hurt. I think that most peopke who brought up this subject were concerned about their grandkids. My ony concern is that for some odd reason you are having a reaction, you should know about it because some of them are serious and can land you in the hospital, which is bad for yiu and hubby. I don't believe in guessing about my health anymore. This question can be resolved with a call to his oncologist and then you can make sure you are. Well for yourself and husband.