Bone and Kidney cancer

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My father died a year and a half ago of bone and kidney cancer. He was in Vietnam July 68 to August 69. Didn't occur to us that his cancers could be agent orange related how do we get more information.


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    Your father's cancer
    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    As far as I've read, there are no specific known causes for kidney cancer.
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    Agent Orange
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. I am a Vietnam vet also. Kidney cancer is definitely not on the VA list of qualifying diseases. It may be included someday so you will have to keep checking. There may not be any definite known causes for kidney cancer but as far as the VA's interpretation of qualifying Agent Orange diseases is concerned, the assumption is that if a veteran served in Vietnam and comes down with any of the diseases on the list, Agent Orange could have been the cause and he/she or the survivors are eligible for benefits. In terms of whom they consider survivors, I believe that would include the spouse and/or dependent children, although adult children should confirm this. I don't believe bone cancer is on the list either unless it's included somewhere within the other qualifying diseases.

    You can find this information on the web page below.

    Was it actual bone cancer or had the kidney cancer spread to the bones? If it was the latter, then it would be considered kidney cancer not bone cancer.

    Best of luck