Hysterectomy from side effects of BC meds????

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Just curious of how many here have had hysterectomy due to meds..Wondering if HIGH %..



  • Frankie Shannon
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    So far i have not had to and
    So far i have not had to and i have been on Tamoxifen for a year and a half but one of the side affects is uterine cancer if you haven't had one so far so go.Hugs Frankie
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    I was that small percent
    I was in that small percent of folks affected by Tamoxifen. I had developed pre-cancer cells and had to have a total hysterectomy. The warning sign was after 3 years of not having a period, all of a sudden, I had a heavy one. Turns out my uterine lining had thickened and was told eventually would have become cancerous. So out it went along with the ovaries and, while they were in there, got rid of my appendix.