Dad's recovering

Hi everyone,

I finally made it to the Mayo today. It was so good to see Dad. His surgery went well, they took his whole stomach. He is up walking and looks really good for what he has been through. I am glad to be here for my Mom as she is really stressed out still. I am sending her as much calming energy as I can, hopefully it will help. Otherwise things are progressing well and I am thankful for that.

His tumor was classified as Siewert Type 3 and there were 4 lymph nodes right next to the stomach that were cancerous as well(darn).

thanks for all the prayers and words of support as we navigate these unsettling waters..



  • LilChemoSmoker
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    Prayers coming your way Jen!
    Hi Jen,
    So glad to hear that he is up and doing as well as to be expected for this point in the journey. He will find new normals going forward and so will your mother. I am sure she feels your energy and support. I am so glad you are there to give it. Embrace each other tight through his recovery and know that we are all here to hold you up.
  • TerryV
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    We are here for you!

    So glad that surgery went well. It's good that he's up and about already. He needs to regain his strength to continue the battle. There will likely be a bit of "mop up" chemo since 4 cancerous nodes were removed.

    Glad you were able to get to Mayo. I know your mom must be relieved to have you close. It's great to hold the hand of a loved one when stressed. And I can't think of any time more stressful than surgery day. :)

    Prayers for a fast and strong recovery are headed your way!

    Love & Hugs,