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Ok, so Ron was diagnosed with Stage 1V sinus cancer. The cancer had invaded both maxillary and enthomoid (sp) as well as the frontal left lobe of the brain, eye orbit and eye and all nerves etc that go with. He underwent a 26 hour operation to remove all included eyeball and 6 lymph nodes on the right side. Then 32 radiation sessions. Now 3 months has passed and he has begun to experience extreme fatigue, weird crawling electrical current feelings in his face, a case of horrible breath no matter what we do and a couple of bone like tumors have appeared on the forehead and top of head. His right eye has begun to lose vision (wasn't affected previously). We are heading for check with the docs at the cancer clinic today, can anyone tell me what is going on. Someone who has had the same type of surgery perhaps and can put my mind at ease and tell me this is all normal? Please.


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    Hello Quemom,
    Welcome to the board, and thanks for posting. Sounds like Ron has been through the mill, and I'm sorry to hear he's having problems 3 months from treatment, but, it's not unusual--though I know that doesn't help much.

    The horrible breath has been recently discussed here, but I can't remember the thread; but you can search the H&N content for more on it. I had BOT with mets to some lymph nodes. I had, and still have, tingling, stinging, on the side of my neck where my dissection was done, even the numb part, and it's been close to two years.

    The experience of electrical surges are reported in survivors with Lhermitte's syndrome, though the particulars of it can range to folks with MS, and others. Ron has had extensive re-routing of nerves, and muscle. Sometimes it takes awhile for things to begin to create new channels.

    I hope your trip to the clinic will give you more info on the failing vision, and "bone like" tumors. Those are new symptoms for me.

    I wish the best for your trip today, and hope you get some helpful news, let us know how it goes.

    best, Hal
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    quemom, sorry to hear about
    quemom, sorry to hear about all the problems. I can't give much help but I can pray that the bone like knots are something simple that will go away with time. The tingling is a side effect so don't worry.

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    Wishing you all the best. Sorry I have no useful info to give, but I did want to tell you I'm hoping for better news from you later.