Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy

Has anyone heard of MLD or have any experience with this type of therapy?

MLD was suggested to me when I bought of pair of MBT shoes for $280 today. I still have late effects 1.5 years after chemo with tender heals mostly. I bought a pair of MBT sandals last summer and they made walking so much easier. Now this winter I'm needing a pair of shoes, so finally broke down and spent almost $300 for shoes, but it will be worth it, if this saleslady is right that MLD therapy may help detox my lymph nodes of toxins.
thank you


  • miss maggie
    miss maggie Member Posts: 929
    comfortable shoes
    Dear Janelle,

    It is well worth it to have comfortable shoes. No matter what the price. Thank goodness
    for credit cards. I have menitosal problems in my foot. Not caused by NHL. When i
    purchased sneakers long ago, New Balance, and saw how comfortable they were, I bought 2 more.
    Also, for shoes, I find clogs are the most comfortable for me. I suppose it is how
    the shoe fits when I put my foot in the shoe. I pay any price for shoes, but try to purchase
    when they have sales. The New Balance was about $100.00 each. I just purchased clogs
    from Landsend. 3 pair on sale for $18.99 each. Sneakers and Clogs in different colors.

    Enjoy your shoes. Love Maggie
  • allmost60
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    Comfy shoes a must!
    Hi Janelle,
    So glad to hear's been awhile! I had to give up my foo foo shoes about 15 years ago and go to sturdy comfy ones. I had plantar facietis(sp?) with a partial tendon release and afterwards was told to NEVER wear floppy shoes with no support, or go barefoot....(still go barefoot in the house, but no longer run around outside in the yard or on concrete without shoes). It took some adjustment to give away my girlie shoes, but my feet have thanked me ever since. Let us know how this works for you. Take care friend...Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)