Pet Scan

Susan53 Member Posts: 178
I will be having a Pet Scan tomorrow morning. Then the grooling wait for the results. Prayers are needed, thanks you sisters for being here through the good and the bad. Hugs to you all Sharon


  • clamryn
    clamryn Member Posts: 508
    Praying for you Susan. You know... I have had so many Pet/Scans and I worry with each one. BUT, believe it or not, I can't wait for the next one. Isn't that crazy. The reason is... I want to see if what I am taking now is working. The last time I got a good report and I am hoping that the next Pet/Scan will be even better.

    All of the teal sisters will be with you in spirit. You remember that while you are taking the Pet/Scan. Try to keep yourself busy during your waiting time for the results. Surround yourself with positive people... we don't need negativity. Let's know how everything turns out. We are here for you.