Vit. C found in your local Market help cure cancer

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I've lost my mom and last year my brother to cancer. They don't believe much on alternative medicine.
I've done a few research and also info from close friends that having a daily dose of vit. C before meal, 3x a day is a great cure for fighting cancer. I have not proven this yet but hope this info may help.
Any local citrus fruits will do. Common connotation of eating citrus food alone before meal is that it's acidic but based from a source it became acidic once you put sugar on it. (not yet self-proven).

A friend of my father started drinking a local citrus fruit called calamansi fruit 5pcs (concentrated) before meal, then increase the quantity then. His cyst near the anus disappear. Any citrus fruit with high level of VIT-C near you can be used. The key here is to have patience,discipline and stayed positive that it can be cure.

Hope anyone who read this can used this info. to save their love ones.


  • dchisholm5
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    also have heard citrus good
    Am post treatment recently for colorectal but try to use lemon juice in my water (and juices)as often as I can.