Cancer Risks for BRCA mutation carries

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Hello sisters,
Lately it has been some discussions about genetic testing, interpretation, and prophylactic measures. So I looked at my notes and literature from my genetic counselor and hope you will find this information useful.

I hope you have had a discussing with genetic counselor who did explain to the Science behind Genetic testing. I am sorry that you are having these genes. Based on statistical data people with these genes have genetic predisposition to both ovarian and breast cancers. For females the numbers are very high 56-87% for breast cancer (versus general population 8%) and for ovarian 27-44% (versus general population 1 %) - data from Myriad Genetic. As a result of this statistical data, the standards of care have been developed for patients with BRCA mutation including
-Increased surveillance
- Chemo-prevention
- Prophylactic surgeries.
Whether or not surgery will be enough for prevention please ask this question your genetic counselor. You need to have a discussion with geneticist to answer your questions making sure you understand completely your options. I believe as many other people that for BRCA mutation patients a prophylactic surgery will reduce risk of having first and second primary cancers.

I have had this test and was fortunate to be negative for this mutation.
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