Anybody Hypoglycemic?

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My last blood work showed that I am now mildly Hypoglycemic and we are going to be keeping an eye one it.

Almost all the sites I've found only deal with when dealing with diabetis - diabetic. From what I've read it seems that several small 'meals' a day and eating protien and complex carbohydrates are the way to go deal with it to keep at a more consistant level than to eat/drink sweets or eat big meals as that will make big swings in levels.

Any help?



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    I found you have to balance your protein and carbo intake with your activity level . I have a rough time for any fasting test the doc orders. Do you like peanut butter. Alot of fresh veggies and lean meats. You can still have some sweets if you make them sugar-free. I hope this helps. But check with your doc You can ask me questions and I will try and answer them.