Biopsy today - some new info and questions

Hi all,

I started posting/reading about 2 weeks ago and have already learned so much from all of you. The information, while distressing at times, has also given me comfort as I wait to see what is going on. I also feel it is so mush more authoritative than the typlical WebMD entry.

My update:

Today my doc told me they found fluid in my uterus - he didn't elaborate (and I didnt think too much of it at the time) but I came back home and googled it and I didn't think it looked very good at all (and I am not pregnant). He did tell me in the office visit that he didnt think I had anything to worry about though. And he said my blood levels looked good. But the fluid in the uterus sounds bad from my googling. Any opinions?

He then performed the biopsy. He kept saying there was so much tissue in there - he removed something that was "walnut-sized" and also found a polyp on my cervix. He said I may need a D&C next as additional polyps can be hiding in all that tissue. I had an ultrasound last week and was told it showed a "too thick endometrium". What originally lead me to the doctor was cramping (mild and 24/7 since 12/16).

He is starting me on some meds today (I think progestin but I haven't picked it up from the pharmacy yet) for 2 weeks to add hormones to me, which would induce a period and then he wanted to see if that would relieve the cramping. Also, I have a prolapsed urethra which he said might be benefited from the hormones.

He said it will take a week for biopsy results.

In the interim, I am reading the book Anti-Cancer which has brought me a bunch of relief. I am trying to eat as proscribed by the book - that way I feel like I am at least being proactive while I wait - controlling something.

How many of you are engaged in special diets or eating vegan? What are on your "must" lists and "no way" lists?
I'd be curious to hear what you eat, whether you find it helps and what you use for recipes, etc.

I ate vegan the last 4 days (so not me since I am a pasta and potatoes girl) and it wasn't terrible but today I noticed tiredness and lack of energy so I splurged on a whole wheat turkey sandwich.

Also, how do you stay calm while awaiting test results. I am mostly OK but would welcome any tips.



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    Hi Lisa,
    I am fairly new at

    Hi Lisa,

    I am fairly new at this too, but have also learned so much from these wonderful ladies on the board.

    I'm afraid I don't really have any opinions on the fluid you seem to be dealing with, but I know how important that biopsy is. My doctor tried birth control pills for about six months before she did the biopsy. I am learning, however, that I am lucky she did one at all. This is a scary cancer because it has a tendency to get poo pooed sometimes. It sounds like your doctor is doing the right things, but my doctor too said she didn't think I had anything to worry about... just make sure you get your results ASAP. If it turns out to be cancer, be your own advocate and get your surgery scheduled.

    I have been reading all the books too, and feel like I need to find what is going to work for me and not become obsessed or frantic. I did that at first, I was afraid to eat anything with sugar in it. I've calmed down a bit now and I've decided to drink green tea, eat very small portions of chicken/turkey for protein and prepare tons of veggies. That should be easy for me. I also want to incorporate ginger and tumeric into my dishes. I think if I just add one or two things at a time and continue to work on it, that will be the best approach for me. For now, my doctor just wants me to focus on not losing any more weight during my treatments.

    As for waiting, I just try to keep my mind busy. It's easy for me because I have two dogs and two boys, along with a hubby. I also listen to music a lot and try to read novels that aren't too deep, very superficial stuff because I already have too many other serious things to think about.

    Believe it or not, it does get easier. You do what you have to do and carry on. I hope we are all worried for you for absolutely no reason.

    Keep us posted!
    Shell Bug
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    Prog in the form of birth control pills is often an effective treatment for endometrial cancer. Try not to jump to conclusions - stress is not helpful. Do things you enjoy and try to divert yourself as much as possible. Fibroids often produce similar symptoms and can easily be addressed with minimally invasive procedures. Living a healthier lifestyle is great, just don't beat yourself up for what you've done in the past because that cannot be changed.

    Liz in Dallas
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    I may have missed something
    but it isn't clear that you already have a cancer diagnosis, so I'm assuming at the moment you do not. Polyps are not cancer. They may just be polyps. Garden variety, ordinary, non-cancerous polyps. The pathology will tell the story on this.

    Fluid in the uterus on ultrasound is not ominous. It comes in two varieties. One is called a hematometra--- that just means there is blood in the uterus which is temporarily trapped there. The other is called a pyometra--- that is a collection of pus from infection that is trapped in the uterine cavity.

    Yes, you may very well need a D and C, with or without hysteroscopic guidance. Polyps tend to come in groups, and bleeding can continue until they are all removed.

    Don't panic. See what the pathology report brings in a few days.

    Best to you.