Tightening Feeling in Abdomen


I have UPSC. I had a complete hystorectomy done 2/18/11 by robotic surgery. I have had some occasional twinges near the incision on the right side of my waist starting a few months ago. I how have a tightening feeling on the right side of my abdomen at times when I am moving/walking. It is not painful, just a tensing or tightening feeling. I do worry about recurrence and I have an appointment to see my GYN next week. Has anyone had an experience like this? If so, what did it turn out to be...recurrence?



  • longtermsurvivor
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    Not recurrance
    Hi Pat,

    As you describe this sensation, it will be related to the incision, not related to recurrance. Don't panic, it will be ok. Your exam will be completely unrevealing, which is good. Symptoms like you describe are pretty common for years after abdominal surgery, and generally don't produce any findings the gyn will be able to discuss with you. Except for the reassurance of a negative exam!

    Best regards
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    Me too
    I am 2 months post op and I have the similar issues as you, it seems like I'm have been doing sit ups so sore. It seems more when I'm less active and just sitting around, but it's been so ,cold couldn't go out for a walk, muscles tighten up and and get inflamed, I asked many woman about this and they all said the had the same
    Next year it will only be a memory
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    Thank You
    Thank you so much for your replies. Your words have brought me comfort and reassurance.