Taking a Break from the Discussion Board

Chris Ptown
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You folks have all been so wonderful to me from the minute I made my first post back in October. I have said it before and will say it again, I have never known such friendship, compassion and love from complete strangers. As I wait for my scan which is going to happen I think in about another month and a half I really don't have much to say. I am still so overwhelmed with everything and still have a lot of diarreah so posting about my worries and bathroom habits isn't appealing to me. I also have to be honest that it's hard to read about some of your ongoing problems or new problems because it makes me think that this anal cancer is never going to be a thing of the past for me. I want to believe that I am going to be OK but I see so many of you that have been in the all-clear for some time and you come back on the board and type of new problems or old problems that come back. It is all so scary to me and I still have to concentrate on my Mum and her stage 4 lung cancer. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am going to take a break from the board and wish each one of you the best! I will come back in a month or two after I have my scan and hopefully get the all-clear. Happy 2012 to all of you and hope that everybody is and will always be a cancer survivor! Cheers! XO


  • rds711
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    I am fairly new here but have read many of your posts and they have validated things that I have been feeling. I hope things do begin to get better for you and your Mum. You take care of you and her. I will keep you both in my prayers.

    May 2012 be full of blessings!

  • mp327
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    Hi Chris--
    I totally understand the need for a break. I've been doing this for over 3 years now and it really gets to me sometimes. Please know that even if you aren't coming here to update us on a regular basis, you are still in the thoughts and prayers of many. Have hope, stay strong, and know that there are better days ahead. Take care.
  • mxperry220
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    Stay Strong
    Stay strong. It will all get better with time. I understand your position but I think if you look at the majority of folks on this board we are all survivors like you and proceed on with our new "normal" lives. We are all standing upright which is a good thing-LOL. Good luck with your healing progress.
  • RoseC
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    Bye for now Chris!
    Come back if and when you're ready. Best of luck to you - you've been a real trouper!