Holding steady

ABC321 Member Posts: 52
Hi all,
My partner James (42 years old Stage 4 EC) completed his second round of chemo and another PET prior to Christmas. (the rist round included radio). We made the call not to get the results of the PET until after Christmas....why risk ruining a perfectly good time with the family!! The results show that the mets to distant lymph nodes have gone and the primary has also shrunk. There is still one damn met to the liver...not growing, not going! The next round of chemo is booked for later this month, and James is still considering his options in Germany and Japan. James weight is also now on the increase having plunged by 35% over the past 5 months since diagnosis. Eating is only mildly uncomfortable, and as James says he needs to be careful not to eat too quickly 'just in case'.
PS..we had a fantastic Christmas break with the kids and I am now back at work! James is thinking of returing to work shortly for a few days a week ....things are feeling ok and i almost forget what we're facing sometimes...
Love to all,